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EVENT DATE: 29TH March 18


History of The Snowdonia Distillery


Founded by the Marshall family in 2015, Snowdonia Distillery WAS North Wales’s first copper micro-distillery a hiatus of nearly 100 years.


Owner and co-founder Chris Marshall continues to run the company, leading a small dedicated who are passionate about their craft, and influenced by the waters and nature around them, looking to the Welsh landscape to help them produce some of the finest spirits in the world.


Over the past couple of years’ the distillery’s brands including Forager’s Gin and Marsette Liqueurs have garnered a number of international awards, most notably picking up a World Gin award for Forager’s Gin and the brand also being voted one of the top ten craft spirit brands in the UK.


Forager’s Gin and Marsette Liqueurs have also gained widespread coverage in high-end magazines, broadsheet newspapers, independent publications and news sites both in the UK and further afield; with Vogue magazine including Forager’s Gin in their Christmas Wish List last year. They now have three separate brands to their portfolio: Forager’s Gin, Marsette Liqueurs and DarkSky Rum (which will be launching late 2018).


Snowdonia Distillery Cocktail Academy: Professional Training


Nestled in the breathtaking foothills of the Snowdonia National Park you will find Snowdonia Distillery’s Cocktail Academy.


Launching on the 29th March 2018, the new Snowdonia Distillery Cocktail Academy aims to inspire, train and nurture new talent in North Wales.


As a distillery we have invested heavily in establishing the region’s first professional cocktail bar training centre. We have seen that North Wales has become a far great tourist destination, following better and more diverse attractions, improved transport links, and the likes of Lonely Planet naming the area one of the best in the World.


Despite greater interest in North Wales as a foodie hot-spot, with a host of great food and drink producers in the area, Snowdonia Distillery recognised that mixology and cocktail making was falling behind the trend.


In order to address the situation, The Snowdonia Distillery’s Cocktail Academy was set up to inspire local venues and mixologists to create cocktails and cocktail bars to rival those found in any major global city.


The Snowdonia Distillery Cocktail Academy will be more than just a training centre. From our base in North Wales we aim to spearhead a classic cocktail revival in the region and beyond, injecting new life and creativity into this culinary art form.


Professional bar training will be provided to small groups of just eight people at time, allowing each participant to get the most from their time with us. The Cocktail Academy’s professional consultancy service will also be able to tailor packages for each individual venue, with dedicated courses focusing on a particular drink, menu or style.


In addition to these bespoke courses, the Cocktail Academy will initially run three training courses built around participants’ previous experience, from basic skills right through to advanced mixology that we hope to get some of the country’s greatest cocktail bartenders involved in.


Cocktail Training Scholarship


We strongly believe that our professional mixology courses should be open to all, which is why our Cocktail Academy will offer one full scholarship per year to an individual bartender (from the local area), offering them full access to all our courses and specialist workshops, as well as a twelve-month mentoring scheme.


The scholarship competition details will be released on the same day the Cocktail Academy is officially launched, and the search will continue until the end of April 2018.


Snowdonia Distillery Cocktail Academy: Public Courses


In addition to providing private training for professionals and offering a cocktail consultancy service, the Cocktail Academy will be open to the public for dedicated tasting sessions and cocktail masterclasses, specially designed for those new to the art of mixology or for home cocktail enthusiasts.


For more information please visit snowdoniadistillery.co.uk