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Marsette Cold-Pressed Coffee Liqueur

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Marsette Cold-Pressed Coffee Liqueur of course starts with incredible coffee.

Over a two-year period, and working with the local coffee roaster Mal Klose, Owner and Master Roaster at Heartland Coffi, the perfect bean type, roast and grind was narrowed down.

From a myriad of blends, and single-origins coffees, the Monsoon Malabar bean was finally selected. Coming from the Malabar Coast of India, where the beans are exposed to the Monsoon winds, Monsoon Malabar delivers big, bold, intense flavors. In the hands of good roaster like Heartland, it also delivers alluring spice, oak, and earthy notes, with a sweet chocolateness beneath it.


We favor a long-slow-and-cold method of extraction for our Marsette Coffee Liqueur – letting our coarsely ground Monsoon Malabar sit in the pure, cold waters that flow into our distillery, for up to 16 hours.

This method is far gentler than hot, fast, extractions that can create bitterness. Instead, taking that little extra time, and not exposing the coffee to heat produces naturally sweeter, and mellower tastes.

Sweetness, Vanilla and Molasses

Liqueurs, by definition are sweet. But with great ingredients and carefully controlling how the flavors are extracted, the message we want to bring is that there is no need to over sweeten or over-syrup. In fact, quite the opposite. Our aim was to provide just enough sweetness to compliment flavors – nothing more.

The result is a rich and deep flavored coffee liqueur that is more akin to a cold-pressed coffee than a traditional coffee liqueur. The rounded flavors also come from the careful inclusion of select sugars, molasses, and vanilla.