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Magnum Wine Shop, Swindon

Nestled on Wood Street in Swindon, in between a food hall and hotel, Magnum Wine Shop has sat for almost 30 years. It has an unrivaled selection of wine, beer, whisky, gin and port. When you visit this wine shop you not only receive top quality products, but the best advice on what to buy. The shop is laid out to make the most of its space - its shelves are full of products from all over the world, but all stocked neatly allowing you to browse their selection with ease.

The wine shop holds a multitude of tasting events, with the upcoming ones being focused on gin. This is perfect to show off their ‘wall of gin’ which currently holds 200 different types!

Whether you are wanting a fine bottle of wine for your upcoming dinner party, a bottle of gin to give for that special occasion, or just a little something for your own indulgence, you will be sure to find something you love at Magnum Wine Shop.