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Gwinllan Conwy

Where better to have a spectacular array of vines with plump, mouth-watering grapes, than Snowdonia? The National Park is the backdrop to Gwinllan Conwy, a vineyard which only opened in 2012, but now has visitors from all over the world. The vineyard currently has 2,000 vines, but owners, Colin and Charlotte, plan to plant a further 7,000 over the next two years!

Colin and Charlotte have cleverly chosen special hybrid grape varieties that work well with the soil and climatic conditions in North Wales - a must for this well-known chilly part of the UK! What makes Gwinllan Conwy so exciting is the thought behind what they do - they lovingly grow five wine varieties, each with its own ‘refreshing individual style’. Their thorough thought process can also be seen in the design for each wine - a pattern is used to distinguish between the five different wines and each pattern was inspired by the old Tudor buildings in the town of Conwy. This arrangement is shrewdly woven into their bottle designs so customers know exactly the type of wine they are buying.

The vineyard offers various tasting packages and tours so you can enjoy not only the fine wine they create, but also some of the food and cheeses that are on offer in this beautiful part of the world.