Wild Shropshire

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Wild Shropshire is the dream born from James Sherwin’s love of food. Originally a year long project, his idea of creating dishes from what is grown and farmed in Shropshire, has developed into a slice of genius. His ‘pop up’ restaurant has visited various venues and been a complete sell out, thanks to his vision and great network of local suppliers. He works closely with Gamekeepers, Farmers and other Artisans within Shropshire to give a unique experience - all of which is reflected in his raving reviews. From choosing the perfect dry-aged beef, to picking apples from his orchard, or foraging for flowers, James enjoys the outdoor life around him.

Having started out on Channel 4’s The Taste alongside Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre in 2013, James evolved, wanting to push the boundaries and create food that is native to where he lives.

For many, we have our favourite restaurant and our favourite dishes, but over time our likes and dislikes can change. To have a restaurant that gives you a one off experience every time, with dishes created by what foods taste best at that moment, it can be a thrill and an enjoyment like nothing else.

Be sure to keep your eye on his website to see where he and his food will ‘pop up’ next!
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